This Orlando Health (OHI) Vendor Code of Conduct (Code of Conduct) is a critical component of our overall compliance program. This Code of Conduct applies to all vendors that provide any goods, services, technology, or services to any OHI affiliate. OHI is committed to excellence and integrity in its business dealings and compliance with applicable law and regulation. OHI expects vendors to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner. For purposes of this Code of Conduct, the term “vendor” includes all current and potential OHI vendors, suppliers, independent contractors, contractors, tradesperson and their respective agents or representatives. OHI does not give or receive any form of payment, kickback or bribe to induce the referral or the purchase of any product or service. Selected products and services are those that best meet the needs of OHI in OHI’s sole discretion.

This Code of Conduct is not a contract. It does not confer rights on any supplier, nor does it impose obligations on OHI. In case of a conflict between the Code of Conduct and your contract, the terms of your vendor contract prevail.