Mary Martino

Mary Martino

Medical School: LECOM-Bradenton

Academic Interests: preventative medicine, outpatient medicine, geriatrics

Why Bayfront: When looking for a residency, I really wanted to go somewhere I felt would feel “home,” but also would provide me full spectrum family med training. That’s exactly what Bayfront does. The faculty and residents here were so easy to talk to during the interview process and I really felt comfortable with them even before matching. I also really wanted to stay in sunny Florida (as a Chicago native, I’m done with winter). Being at Bayfront provides me the best opportunity to create connections in the area so that I can continue to practice in the Tampa Bay Area when I graduate.

Hobbies: Hanging out and playing video games with my partner Tom, smothering my cat Apple with attention, taking walks around St Pete, cooking, and watching documentaries/listening to true crime podcasts.