Fourth Year Chiefs

Picture of Mariam Aboulela, MD
Mariam Aboulela, MD

Florida State University

Picture of Ryan Hanusek, DO
Ryan Hanusek, DO

Education Chief, University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine

Picture of Amanda O’Connell, MD
Amanda O’Connell, MD

University of South Carolina

Picture of Abneris Rivera, MD
Abneris Rivera, MD

Administrative Chief, University of Puerto Rico

Third Year Residents

Picture of Amanda Duvall, MD
Amanda Duvall, MD

University of Oklahoma

Picture of Todd Froelich, MD
Todd Froelich, MD

Penn State University

Picture of Margaret Monroe, MD
Margaret Monroe, MD

University of South Carolina

Picture of Antonio Santos Roca, MD
Antonio Santos Roca, MD

Universidad Central del Caribe

Second Year Residents

Picture of Amanda Boudreaux, MD
Amanda Boudreaux, MD

University of Mississippi

Picture of Patrick Kim, MD
Patrick Kim, MD

University of Kansas

Picture of Emily Lluch, MD
Emily Lluch, MD

Medical College of Georgia

Picture of Amanda Ryan, MD
Amanda Ryan, MD

University of Maryland

First Year Residents

Picture of Ria Jain, MD
Ria Jain, MD

Florida Atlantic University

Picture of Tiffany Lowtan, MD
Tiffany Lowtan, MD

University of Florida

Picture of Kelsey Pozerski, DO
Kelsey Pozerski, DO


Picture of David Rivera Vazquez, MD
David Rivera Vazquez, MD

Ross University