Athletic Trainers

Picture of Sarah Duren, ATC
Sarah Duren, ATC

Picture of Chad Parker, ATC
Chad Parker, ATC

Picture of Eric Streich, ATC
Eric Streich, ATC

Picture of Cynthia Torres, ATC
Cynthia Torres, ATC

Picture of Dave Walker, ATC
Dave Walker, ATC

Picture of Steve Walz, ATC
Steve Walz, ATC

Emergency Medicine Adjunct Faculty

Picture of Beth Girgis, MD
Beth Girgis, MD

Exercise Physiology Adjunct Faculty

Picture of Marcus Kilpatrick, PhD
Marcus Kilpatrick, PhD

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Adjunct Faculty

Picture of Marc Reiskind, MD
Marc Reiskind, MD

Picture of Todd Beery, MD
Todd Beery, MD

Radiology Adjunct Faculty

Picture of Aaron Goodrum, MD
Aaron Goodrum, MD

Picture of Javier Quintana, MD
Javier Quintana, MD

Specialty Orthopedic Adjunct Faculty

Picture of Douglas Carlan, MD
Douglas Carlan, MD

Picture of Jorge Rodriguez, MD
Jorge Rodriguez, MD

Picture of Patrick Smith, MD
Patrick Smith, MD

Orthopedic Adjunct Faculty

Picture of Drew Warnick, MD
Drew Warnick, MD

Picture of Koco Eaton, MD
Koco Eaton, MD

Picture of Matthew Swick, MD
Matthew Swick, MD

Picture of Paul Benfati, MD
Paul Benfati, MD

Picture of Thomas Tolli, MD
Thomas Tolli, MD

Primary Care Adjunct Faculty

Picture of Eric Coris, MD
Eric Coris, MD

Picture of Kevin Elder, MD
Kevin Elder, MD

Picture of John Gross, MD
John Gross, MD

Picture of Arnold Ramirez, MD
Arnold Ramirez, MD

Picture of Christopher Salud, MD
Christopher Salud, MD