Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass

Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery is one of the most common and successful combined weight loss procedures in the United States. Our surgeons create a small stomach pouch that is attached to the small intestine, bypassing the lower stomach and reducing calorie and nutrient absorption.

Eighty-five percent of patients lose at least half of their excess body weight. Gastric bypass surgery has a low complication rate and is performed laparoscopically, which minimizes pain and recovery time.

The small stomach pouch initially will only hold one to two ounces of food at a time. Once the pouch is full, it takes about ten or more minutes for food to pass through to the small intestine. It will take, on average, 30 to 45 minutes to eat a meal consisting of two ounces of meat and one-fourth cup each of a starch, vegetable, and fruit.

The time it takes to chew foods thoroughly and the limited space in the stomach pouch reduces the amount of food you are able to consume at a mealtime. This will cut down on the amount of calories you consume at a given meal, which in turn will help with weight loss.

Gastric Bypass FAQs

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You can reduce excess body weight by at least half with this laparoscopic weight loss surgery, which uses small incisions that minimize pain and recovery time.