We know you’re busy planning for your new arrival, and there are many decisions to be made. At Bayfront Health Baby Place, we want to make sure deciding on where to have your baby is an easy choice. Our goal is to make your birth experience as special and memorable as you could hope for as you welcome your new baby to the world.

Located on the third floor of Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, Bayfront Health Baby Place is a very special place, designed for a very special time in your life. From the moment you arrive, we are committed to providing you with the experience you desire, making sure you feel comfortable and cared for, and keeping the health and safety of you and your baby as our top priorities.


Bayfront Health Baby Place offers a broad spectrum of obstetric and neonatal services to ensure the highest level of care for you and your baby. In partnership with Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, we offer one of only 13 state-approved Level III Regional Perinatal Intensive Care Centers (RPICC). Our perinatologists and neonatologists specialize in providing care for women with a high-risk pregnancy and for newborns with special health needs, such as a critical illness or low birth weight.

Certified nurse midwives offer a full continuum of obstetrics care to partner with you throughout your journey, including:

  • Pre-conception consultations and services
  • Prenatal care
  • Labor and delivery coaching
  • Postpartum care

With Your Comfort in Mind

At Bayfront Health Baby Place, we have created an environment to help make your birth experience everything you wish for. Keeping your comfort in mind, we have incorporated special amenities, such as valet parking, private family rooms and large screen TVs, as well as all the medical equipment and services needed to ensure the safe delivery and care of your new baby. Our accommodations include:

  • Labor & Delivery Suites: With custom artwork, luxurious linens and large bathrooms, our spacious labor and delivery suites offer a hotel-like atmosphere. To further soothe expecting moms and families, medical equipment is discreetly positioned out of view, but readily accessible if needed.
  • Mother/Baby Suites: After delivery, you will be moved to a comfortable mother/baby suite with a seamless transition of care. These rooms are designed for optimal recovery and bonding with your newborn. Accommodations encourage rooming-in, including a bassinet and a large sink for baby’s first sponge bath. Rooms also are furnished with a sleeper sofa to enhance family bonding opportunities.
  • Surgical Suites: For moms having their baby via cesarean delivery, we offer a dedicated surgical unit with private pre-op/recovery rooms adjacent to the surgery suites. A family room is reserved for family members waiting to welcome the special delivery.
  • Nursery for Newborns: Our newborn nursery is staffed by a compassionate and dedicated team of OB nurses and is equipped with advanced diagnostic and monitoring technology to make sure baby gets the best possible start. Babies who require a little extra help will be cared for in our nursery by a team of physician, nurse and support specialists. Newborns needing further specialized care will be transferred to the Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), located just a few floors away.
  • Antepartum/High-Risk Care: For moms who need to stay with us for special monitoring for an extended time prior to delivery, we offer a comfortable, home-like environment, including spacious suites with roomy beds, windows that allow natural light and picturesque views, convenient work centers and dedicated nursing stations. As a Regional Perinatal Intensive Care Center, we provide expertise in special care for women with a high-risk pregnancy.
  • Family Lounge: A separate family lounge offers familiar touches of home, such as a kitchen, washer and dryer, and added features like a game table and plenty of room to enjoy family time and celebrations.

High Risk Perinatal Care

Bayfront Health Baby Place offers a full range of perinatal services to pregnant women with high-risk diagnoses and obstetric concerns. Our team of perinatologists and neonatologists and full support staff work collaboratively to ensure the best outcome for mom and baby. As a Regional Perinatal Intensive Care Center, we provide expertise in special care for women with a high-risk pregnancy. We understand the anxiety that can come with receiving a high-risk pregnancy diagnosis. No matter what condition you may be facing, we are here to help you feel at ease and walk with you each step of the way. We are fully committed to a successful, healthy pregnancy and delivery for you, your baby and your family.

Birth Pre-Registration

Pre-registration is now being done automatically through your Ob-Gyn physician office. Patients who are seeking more information about their pre- registration status at Bayfront Health Baby Place, may call (727) 290-1310, then press 9 to speak directly with our registration team.

To schedule a tour of Bayfront Health Baby Place, the link is below.

Sign up for Maternity Classes

We are here to help guide you as you plan to welcome a new member to your family. We welcome you to join us in our educational classes to learn about the childbirth process, breastfeeding, and what to expect after bringing your newborn home. These classes are offered at no cost to you.

Understanding Birth Class

Understanding Birth Class

This is an in-person class. Class provides expectant parents with basic understanding of the birth process, labor options, pain control, cesarean birth, and postpartum expectations. Class includes the “Understanding Birth” booklet with access to an APP that provides videos, checklists, weblinks, and other helpful tools to assist you in the birth process. Be sure to wear appropriate and comfy clothes to practice birthing positions.

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Understanding Breastfeeding

Understanding Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is one of the best things you can do for your baby! Consider attending our two-hour "Understanding Breastfeeding” class in person. With a little practice and patience, breastfeeding will become second nature. We will cover essential information on the benefits of breastfeeding for you and your baby, how your body makes milk, what an effective latch looks like, different breastfeeding positions, how to know if your baby is feeding well, and the basics of expressing or pumping your milk.

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Understanding Your Newborn

Understanding Your Newborn

Since newborns don't come with an owner's manual, consider attending our two-hour "Understanding Your Newborn” class in person. We will cover essential information on caring for your baby in the first six weeks…..things like what behavior to expect from your newborn, understanding crying and comforting, feeding, bathing, diapering, how to keep your baby safe and healthy, and when you should call the doctor. This interactive class helps parents through the transition from hospital to life at home.

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